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Black’s Building Skyroom

The historic landmark known as Black’s Tea Room operated from 1913 to 1929, in the original 8-story building built by James Black. In 1929 an eight story addition was adjoined to the original building and the Tea Room was moved to the top of the┬ánew addition. In 1964, the Tea Room was renovated and re-branded as the Black’s Sky Room and remained open until 1979. Memories of bygone days were brought to mind when the site was restored by Nelson Properties in 2010. Through the years the Sky Room, has been a favorite of Brides and a special place for anniversaries, birthdays, fashion shows, corporate functions, fund raising events and other happy occasions for almost 100 years.

The original Tea Room, closed in 1929, was also restored in 2010 and is once again called the Tea Room. In the past it was used not only for luncheons and tea, but as a place to teach young people manners, etiquette and coming of age skills. It has space for up to 91 guests. The Sky and the Tea Room can be combined to hold events of nearly 400 people.

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The View of the Skyline

The Sky Event Center consists of the Sky and the Tea Room, which combined can hold events of nearly 400 people. From the 8th floor the view stretches from the Casino to the UNI Dome, from Allen to Covenant hospitals and out to the John Deere Northeast site and beyond.

The decor and color scheme used in Sky Event Center makes it an easy fit for any event or theme. The new venue will be served by multiple caterers. Having a list of caterers makes this venue very flexible to a person’s taste; this makes your event unique in that it can be customized to your exacting standards.

We believe there is a strong need for space for special events as this is a growing market. In addition, special events are being planned for Holidays.

PLAN YOUR SPECIAL EVENT • Weddings • Business Events • Birthdays • Job Fairs • Meetings • Celebrations of all types

Memories of bygone days

The historical space was restored by Nelson Properties in 2010.

Available for Events

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