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Black’s Building Carrier Hotel



Communication Services

Our Carrier Hotel (the only one in Black Hawk County) provides all types of high speed, fiber optic internet and other communication services.

Fiber-optic connections begin in the Black’s Building for the majority of the providers to the Cedar Valley and yes they are “lit”. All the providers have multiple redundancies. We have multiple fiber-optic entrances into our building:

  • Paetec/McLeod/Windstream
  • MCI/Verizon
  • Dynamic Broadband
  • Qwest/Century Link
  • AT&T
  • INS/Iowa Network Services
  • Cedar Falls Utilities (CFU)
  • KeyOn/SpeedNet/Skybeam/

Connect in the SafeZone

Iowa is virtually risk-free of seismic acitivy, terrorism threats, rolling blackouts and hurricanes.
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Safe Location

  • Commercial air service within 1/2 day or less to anywhere in the country
  • Primary and alternate substations for electrical reliability
  • Multiple service providers enabling; DSL, broadband, T-1, DS3 and fiber optics
  • Virtually Disaster Free Area

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Safe Workforce

  • Among the top 10 communities in the nation in employment gains
  • 19,000 people with finance degree experience
  • 14,000 people with telecommunications and customer service experience
  • Labor market population of 265,523

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Safe Profits

  • No sales or excise taxes on interstate or international telecommunications services
  • No sales tax on computers or related equipment for insurance, finance and certain industries
  • No electric fuel cost adjustments
  • Right-to-work state


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Carrier Hotel Gallery

Double Grid System

Electrical systems are updated constantly for modern day operations. The Black’s Building is the only building in the county on a double grid system. Even during the 500 year flood event of 2008 we were never down completely except for heavy equipment and that was only for a few hours.